Influencers gone wild

There are two options to be a celebrity in 2022. You can either create amazing content or you can create a significant controversy. We see it in influencers gone wild.

Chances are you didn’t know about Jake Paul before his controversial video of the Japanese Forrest. James Charles had more people seeking James Charles than ever amid allegations of grooming made against James Charles.

Stephanie Matto

Fart in Jar girl
Fart in Jar girl

You may recognize that she’s”the “fart jar girl,”. But if you’ve ever watched 90 Day Fiance, you are aware of whom Stephanie Matto is. After being featured in the reality show, Matto has made her reputation as an influential person by selling her gasses and fluids on the internet.

This isn’t so much of an incident, that influencers gone wild for popularity.

A self-described “fartrepreneur” has been selling her farts in jars earning more than $200,000 from the sale. In reality she sold farts in such a quantity that she was admitted to hospital at the beginning of the year because of an over-accumulation of gas in order to make enough money to fill the containers.

Things have improved since the time The situation has improved. And Matto has entered the NFT sector.  She has extended her business to include selling her own queefs and bob sweat as well.

However, the plan appears to be working, thanks to Matto’s entrepreneurial venture earning more than 300,000 Instagram followers. And also earn a tons of money.

Alina Fazleeva


Aline Fazleeva was in the news in the last few days after she was exiled from Bali for naked posing before a fearsome tree.

On a trip to Bali the yoga influencer stripped herself and snapped a nakey picture on the side of a holy ancient 700 year-old Banyan tree.

Fazleeva apologized following the incident, and claimed she was not aware of the offence that the image would cause. “I apologise to all Balinese and Indonesian people, I regret my actions,” she stated.

“I’m so embarrassed, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way, absolutely no knowledge of this place,” she added. “I just prayed under a tree and went straight to the police station to explain this incident and apologise.”

There’s a good chance Alina might be accused of the distribution of pornography. If that’s the instance, she’ll be facing as long as six years in jail or a fine of $97.108 AUD.

Jade Tuncdoruk

Jade Tuncdoruk
Jade Tuncdoruk

Influencers gone wild for being famous may exhibit some questionable behavior, isn’t it? This case is more localized setting that has a the controversial Instagram influential Jade Tuncdoruk (who you might recognize by the name of Jade Tunchy) coming under criticism for allegedly bribing small businesses into reimbursing her honeymoon deposit that was not refundable.

Jade booked her Hunter Valley honeymoon accomodation early in the pandemic by using the travel company Weekenda which had a simple no-refund policy in case of cancellation.

However, when Jade was diagnosed with COVID she thought the rule wasn’t applicable to her, and she posted a number of Instragram posts aimed at Weekenda and threatened to sue them for Fair Trade in private emails.

Finally, Weekenda agreed to make an exception for a poor “victim” that they had “taken advantage of in the middle of a pandemic”. The result was that Jade posting a very proud photo, captioned “They’ve accepted to reimburse us to cover our expenses! Thank you for your assistance.” ,”

However, Weekenda took advantage of the publicity generated through the influencer’s rant. She was giving people the possibility to be a winner of Jade’s honeymoon accommodation through a contest dubbed”Shame She Can’t Stay Giveaway”. “Shame She Can’t Stay Giveaway”.

When Weekenda sage was discovered, someone found an extremely scathing Google critique Jade posted in 2017 for Uber Eats in 2017. In which she complained about “non English speaker whose he describe Uber Eats drivers as “foreigners”.

For instance, if it’s too is a major issue, just take a look at your Zinger box and enjoy the ride.


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Nasser Sultan


Nasser Sultan
Nasser Sultan

The last item on this list is well-deserved We feel. Nasser was on the fifth season of Married At First Sight, and the C-Grade amount of fame has totally taken over his head.

We’re not sure if the man truly believes that the world’s stars routine is a professional-level trolling. We are awestruck by his work.

There aren’t any notable instances of Nasser having a blast however, almost every video he uploads is worth checking out. From showing off each when he’s invited for an event for business and even posting an image whenever he’s noticed in public, there’s always a lot of laughter.

However, to his credit Nasser created a fake account to raise funds to Sanctuary House.

Conclusion of Influencers Gone Wild

I don’t know how influencers gone wild for popularity, and forget their self respect. I can’t imagine to live alive without respect, then how so much big influncers can live with so much wildness.

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