How To Draw a Baby Elephant Drawing

In this step by step tutorial on baby elephant will teach you how to draw an elephant only in 6 simple and easy steps.

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Best Baby Elephant Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas that how to draw an elephant which are below:-


Required Material For Baby Elephant Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Baby Elephant Drawing

There are different steps for baby elephant drawing that how to draw a elephant:-


Step 1

( How to draw an elephant for beginners? )

In this, the first step of our tutorial on drawing an elephant’s baby begin at the top of the elephant.

It could appear to be quite detailed however, if you slow down and observe the image carefully, you will have no issues with it! The first step is making a rounded line to what is the top part of the head of the elephant.

Moving to the left, you could draw two lines that can be dragged over the eyes after. Then, make the tree reach upwards and a smiling face underneath it.

This is all there is to the process for now. And now you’re all set to go!

Step 2

( How to draw an elephant ears? )

Elephants are famous for their numerous physical traits one of those features is their huge ears that are floppy. This is why we’ll be including this feature in your little elephant drawing!

For drawing these ears, you’ll use curving lines that will have them falling down onto the sides of your head. Next, draw the top of the head prior to when you draw the chest and the fronts of legs.

There are also some small aspects included on the faces as seen in the image of the reference. These are going to help make the look of the baby elephant more adorable!

You can complete this process by adding hairs to the elephant’s head.

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Step 3

( How to draw an elephant eyes? )

This portion of the tutorial on drawing an infant elephant will focus on finishing the eyes and the front legs.

The primary feature of the face is the eyes. They’ll be large and round, with big pupils that are black and colored. They can also create an elephant’s baby appear adorable and happy!

Once you’re satisfied with how your face looks, you can draw the lines of the legs exactly as they appear in the image reference.

This image can also show how to align the elephant’s feet to make it appear as if it’s walking.

Step 4

( How to draw an elephant legs? )

The baby elephant’s design is currently looking fantastic! The next steps we’ll be working on important details before you get started coloring it in.

First, create a curved line to mark the stomach of the elephant as it moves backwards from the legs.

Then, you can use more curves and lines that are rounded to start the back legs. They are also positioned in a manner that the elephant looks as if it’s walking.

Step 5

( How to draw an elephant outline? )

The fifth step in our step-by-step guide to drawing a infant elephant will focus on finishing off the elements prior to you add colors.

The first step is to begin by drawing a curving line to the back of the elephant. After that, loop this line until it is at those legs on the rear. It is possible to finish by drawing the remainder of the legs behind and adding an extra end to the front.

This is all you need to know for the last details But you don’t need to end there! Prior to moving forward, you may also include some of your personal details.

Maybe you can sketch a background that shows the area where this adorable baby elephant has been hanging out. What kind of environment would you imagine this adorable animal could be in?

Step 6

( How to draw an elephant with color? )

You’ve made it to the end of drawing your baby elephant and this is in which you can have a blast coloring your stunning drawing!

In our illustration we chose a lovely grey elephant and some pink for the inside ears. This is just an idea, but you can take your pick of colors you are drawn to for this design!

Even if you opt to maintain your colors of an animals more real and muted You can still add other bright colors.

If you sketched an outline of a background, you can add some gorgeous more vibrant colors for an additional variation.

When you have decided on the medium you want to color the image, you could choose with great pleasure what media and tools you’d like to work with.

Conclusion About Baby elephant Drawing

Its very easy to draw a baby elephant, but you just follow the steps how to draw an elephant.


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