Bunny Drawing

This step-by-step tutorial for cute Bunny drawing in 6 steps will show you how enjoyable and easy drawing him could be!

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Best Bunny Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas about, how to draw a bunny? which are given below:-


Required Material For Cute Bunny Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Cute Bunny Drawing

There are different steps for cut bunny drawing, you just need to follow the steps, how to draw a bunny:-

Step 1 ( How to draw a bunny ears? )

In this article on drawing Bugs Bunny, we will show Bugs Bunny running in a dynamic pose.

He’s likely running from someone who has made him angry! To begin the drawing begin by drawing one of his heads.

Begin by drawing long lines that are rounded to form the form of his first ear that flows behind him.

Then draw another outline around the outer edges of the outline of the inner ear.

You could then draw small lines that point on the bottom to create a few hair tufts. And then draw a second curved line next to it for an additional ear.

Finalize by drawing straight lines and rounded ones to create his eyes. And put dots in them, and draw the beginning of the head outline.

Step 2 ( How to draw a bunny face? )

The first portion of the head sketched and now in the second part of the Bugs Bunny drawing we can begin with the bottom part of the head.

Begin by creating a small form to represent his nose. Add two smaller curved lines below it. Then add his massive buck teeth along this line.

Create a large, rounded design for his mouth, then insert his tongue inside.

Draw an outline for the lower portion of his face and then finish this step by drawing long, curved lines to make the whiskers of his face. This is all there is to this step, and you’re ready to move on to step 3!

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Step 3 ( How to draw a bunny arms? )

It’s time to begin drawing his arms in this section part of our step-by-step guide on drawing Bugs Bunny.

The arm to the right will join directly to the bottom of his head. The head drawn using two lines that curved.

The gloved hand should be joined at an angle. You could also use additional curving lines to define his chest, and end with the other arm and fist that pokes out towards the right side.

Step 4 ( How to draw a bunny legs and tail? )

The next two steps of you Bugs Bunny sketch will focus on the final drawing of his legs. The first leg we’ll draw can be lifted up to show that he’s running.

This means you could make use of curved lines in order to create the figure, and then add his big foot at the very end.

The foot has three toes that are round, as illustrated in the image reference. After that, you can finish this step by drawing a long, round tail that is attached to the bottom of his body.

After you’ve drawn your leg, you can proceed to the details for the final step!

Step 5 ( How to draw a bunny outline? )

Before we can add coloring to this guide for drawing Bugs Bunny then we’ll begin by completing the last details and components to make it all come together!

It is possible to begin this process by drawing the second leg that extends behind him. Since the leg is stretched and extending, it will be drawn with more lines than the earlier leg, which was bent.

We’ll also see the inside of this second foot. Which means you can draw tiny dots on the underside of it too.

After you’ve drawn the second section, you’ve finished this drawing! Before moving ahead, you may want to sketch some additional details and parts of yourself.

One suggestion is to sketch the objects that he could interact with. Perhaps he’s holding one of his favorite carrots!

You can create a background, or include additional cartoon characters. Looney Tunes animated series. What are you going to do with this drawing?

Step 6 ( How to draw a bunny with color? )

It’s time to finish the Bugs Bunny drawing with some colors! Bugs isn’t exactly the most colorful of characters However, there are ways to bring some color to the drawing.

In our image of reference we kept him to his normal color scheme of grey and white with a touch of pink for his ears and nose.

Once the color is in, you may also add some color to your background or other elements you’ve included.

The experimentation with different art mediums and tools is yet another method to bring some variety in color to the composition .

Here’s the chance for you to display your imagination So, make sure you enjoy yourself and watch what happens!

Conclusion About Cute Bunny Drawing

Cute Bunny drawing is very easy to draw, you just need to follow upper steps, how to draw a bunny.

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