Butterfly Drawing

If you’d like find out how you can create stunning artwork that features the amazing insect, take a look! This step-by-step tutorial on butterfly drawing easy, in just six simple steps will help you get going with creating these gorgeous creatures.

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Required Material For Easy Drawing

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

butterfly drawing Easy Steps

There are different steps for butterfly drawing easy.

Step 1

To start this guide for drawing an outline butterfly, let’s begin by drawing the outline of the wings’ tops.

Each wing is drawn with a curving line to create an outline that has an opening on the inner edge. The shapes will be smaller around the edges, and will then become wider when they expand outward.

Try to make these shapes appear similar, and once you’re satisfied that they resemble our image of reference, you are ready to move to step 2!

Step 2

You sketched the tops of wings during the earlier section of this butterfly sketch drawing and now, in this drawing we’ll draw the bottom parts of the wings.

In order to achieve this, we’ll be adding a smaller round shape to the bottom of each top part.

Each of these shapes will start at the edges of the top forms and will then extend into the interior, leaving a gap in the middle.

The space in the middle is the place where butterflies’ bodies is going to be later. We will draw that shortly!

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Step 3

In the earlier section of this tutorial on drawing an outline of a butterfly, we noted that we’d soon be creating the bodies of the insect.

We’ll follow through on this promise when we make it now!

Then, draw the small, rounded form with two eyes that are on each side. Then, draw a second oval shape underneath this for the central portion in the form of a body.

You then can draw six lines (three each side) from this section for butterflies’ legs.

Complete the drawing by drawing a long, thin oval to represent an insect’s abdomen and then move on to step 4 in this guide.

Step 4

The wings’ outline as well as the main body the butterfly sketch are finished We are now able to move on to the fun sections of the sketch!

In the coming steps, we’ll focus on creating and coloring the designs on the wings.

at the previous guide that it’s best to keep the drawing similar, and this is especially true in this particular decoration.

In the example we have used a few circles in the upper sections with smaller circles within them.

Step 4 Image                            Step 5 Image                                Step 6 Image



Then, we used a set of curved lines that surround the circles to make an intricate pattern. Once you’ve created these patterns, we’ll fill in the lower half of wings during the following section!

Step 5

Now it’s time to finish the last information in this tutorial on drawing the butterfly sketch! It will be ready to color at the end of the process.

To finish the look, we added additional circular shapes that are surrounded by curving lines in the bottom half of wings.

If you like our style you are able to copy exactly the same way as in our sample image!

This is an opportunity to make sure that you can add design details that you like to create a completely new butterfly design!

Furthermore, you could create backgrounds to make this stunning drawing more exciting.

Step 5 Image is above.

Step 6

When we first began this butterfly sketch we talked about that butterflies are among the most vibrant creatures in the world.

This means you’ll have plenty of options in the color scheme of this gorgeous butterfly!

In the example image we chose stunning hues of color like blue, yellow, orange and for the different parts of the wings.

These colors are just a suggestion to some you could incorporate into your own drawing However, consider using any other color you like!

Step 6 Image is above.

Conclusion Of Butterfly Drawing Easy

Butterfly drawing is easy to to draw just focus on our given steps and you will learn easy how to draw a butterfly.

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