Cat Drawing Easy

You may be one of the many cat lovers around the globe and wondered about cat drawing easy. If you follow these steps, it’s much easier than you might think!

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do simple drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Steps for cute cat drawing easy

There are different steps for simple cat drawing.


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STEP 1 For Easy Cat Drawings

 Draw an outline for cat’s head. Next, draw a smaller circle for the cat’s head and another one below that.

Step 2 For simple cat drawings

Together with a straight, curving line to draw your cat’s neck on the right-hand side. Another line on the left is for your cat’s neck.


The lines that cross over the body of the cat. Add an oval that overlaps the body of the cat and another smaller oval below it to draw its first front leg. For the shape of the cat’s leg, draw a line around the ovals.

Step 4 

Remove the lines between the cat’s legs and the line at its chest. Draw a line around the cat’s chest to add the cat’s second front leg. Draw an oval that overlaps the front leg of the cat and the bottom to make the back paw.



Step 5 

Draw the face and ears of the cat, following the guidelines as closely as you can. You will have a cat shape that is complete.

Step 6 

Create long, smooth lines starting at the nose to guide the cat’s whiskers. Make a curving tail, and then erase the small area where it connects to the body. You can add wiggly fur to the ears and chest.

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Questions about Easy Cat Drawing

Mostly asked questions about cute cat drawing easy

What color is a cat’s coat?

Although it may seem difficult to believe, cat colors include red, white, black or some combination or mixture of these. It’s almost unfair that birds can get 15 vibrant colors such as pink, green and yellow.

Can you color a cat?

This gentle and safe formula can be used to white and very light colored pets.. OPAWZ Semipermanent Dye – Contains no Ammonia or peroxide. It is gentle and safe for cats. They can be washed away slowly in about 8 washes.

Conclusion of Easy Cat Drawing

Cat drawing is very easy to draw. Just to draw a cat follow my upper steps, then its will be very easy for all of you.

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