Cow Drawing

We have created this step-by step tutorial on cute cow drawing it easy for you to learn how to draw it yourself in less than a minute!

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Best Cow Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas about how to draw a cow, which are given below:-


Required Material For Cute Cow Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Cute Cow Drawing For Kids

There are different steps for cute cow drawing for kids, you just need to follow the steps, how to draw a cow:-

Step 1 ( How to draw a cow for beginners? )

In the first step of this tutorial on drawing a cow, we’ll begin by drawing the contours of the head. In order to do this, we’ll begin by drawing a long curving line that appears like an extended U.


Once you’ve got the line draw the first place, draw a more compact curved line over it. Be sure that you leave some space between them to allow for adding ears and horns in these points.

Step 2 ( How to draw a cow ears? )

In the next step of drawing a cow you’ll be putting ears for your cow. Below the gaps that we left between lines earlier, you will be able to draw your distinctive cow’s ears shape.


They’re small at the bottom and then get more dense as they stretch as you can see in the image reference.

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Step 3 ( How to draw a cow horns? )

Once you can see your cow’s ears then you can put in the horns that are small in the space you had left for them in the past.


It is possible to draw the horns with curves that finish at a sharp point as in the image.

Step 4 ( How to draw a cow body? )

The next step in this tutorial on drawing the cow, you could incorporate at the very top.


For this, we’ll use a line that comes from the head. It is slightly curving towards the middle before it forms the back of the cow.

Step 5 ( How to draw a cow legs and belly? )

The cow drawing is getting ready to be drawn right now! In the next step, we’ll focus on two legs as well as that belly area of your animal.


With more curving lines, you could add in the neck and the leg parts as shown in the image. At this point, we’ll leave a gap between our chests and leg on our left.

Step 6 ( How to draw a cow tail? )

In order to draw the other leg of the cow you can draw small versions of your legs you sketched in the earlier step.


After you have all the legs in place, you can draw the udder and tail in the same way as shown in the illustration.

Step 7 ( How to draw a cow face? )

The cow drawing you draw should have smiles So we’ll be creating an adorable look for you cow during this step!


We’ve provided a method you can draw it by using circles and curved lines in the image reference.

You can draw the cow’s face as shown in our photo or switch around some of the elements to create a distinctive face to your drawing!

Step 8 ( How to draw a cow outlines? )

Every cow requires a spot and that’s exactly what we’ll add as well as some other details to this cow’s drawing! Just draw the shapes that are irregular as you can see them in the drawing.


You may also alter the locations of the spots, if you’d like! When you’re satisfied with the way the spots appear it’s time to add the final particulars.

These are lines that run under the head, above the knees, and above the hooves. These lines will provide some detail to complete your cow sketch!

Step 9 ( How to draw a cow with color? )

After you have those final details incorporated to your drawing, you’ve successfully learnt how to draw the cow! While your drawing may be finished, there’s one more step left to complete.


It’s actually a enjoyable stage! The final stage is where you can let your imagination run wild by choosing your most beloved colors.

We’ve provided a method to color your cow’s drawing in the reference image However, at this point you can allow your imagination to run wild and choose the colors that satisfy you!

You can also draw in the background of your cow drawing If you’re feeling particularly imaginative.

Conclusion About Cute Cow Drawing

Cute cat drawing is very easy to draw, you just need to follow the steps, how to draw a cow.

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