Cowboy Toy Woody Drawing For Beginners

Our step-by step guide on Cowboy Toy Woody drawing  in just 6 simple and easy steps will teach you how to draw this iconic cowboy toy.

Cowboy Toy Woody And Its Drawing

Sheriff Woody Pride is a fictional pull-string cowboy doll that is part of the Toy Story franchise of Disney-Pixar. The films feature Woody plays the lead role and Buzz Lightyear is the secondary character. He is voiced by Tom Hanks, who voices his character throughout Toy Story’s Toy Story films, short films and TV specials.

Today, there are a variety of things that we can learn to draw. These include drawing boards, drawing tablets and drawing on copies and drawing on pages as well as a myriad of Android applications that you can learn how to draw easily. This tutorial tried to guide you through the art of drawing.

Best Cowboy Toy Woody Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas that how to draw a Cowboy Toy Drawing which are below:-

Required Material For Easy Cowboy Toy Woody Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Drawing Cowboy Toy Woody

There are different steps for drawing Cowboy Toy Woody which are below:-

Step 1

This is the first step in our instruction on drawing Woody will show you how to begin your drawing by drawing his head.

The head of Woody is very small and long, therefore you could begin with drawing a rounded line to form the same shape as seen in the image reference.

Draw a smaller curve for the neck’s base below it.

Then draw his ears on the sides, along with curvy lines to draw his hair along the sides. Woody is often photographed wearing his iconic cowboy hat so we’ll also begin drawing the hat.

Draw a round line over the top of the head, and then draw another over it to form to cover the top part of his cap. Once you’ve drawn these three elements then you’re ready for the second step.

Step 2

To carry on to continue this Woody sketch of you, we’ll begin by drawing his facial face and chest. To draw his facial features, we will begin with his eyes.

The eyes of his are round with large, circular pupils inside them. Eyelids are also slightly lower for an expression on his face.

Then, draw the eyebrows of your child using simple shapes. And, draw his nose, and smile mouth below.

Then, we’ll draw his chest. Woody wears a vest that has cow skin patterns and has a sheriff’s badge in the shape of a star.

Draw the buttons on his shirt in between the vest, then tie his scarf and draw the belt. Complete by drawing the gun’s holster on one side, and the next step is to draw it.

Step 3

For this tutorial on drawing Woody We will draw the character in a lively running pose. To begin we’ll begin with creating his arms.

The arms of the dog are made from material that is stuffed, and they’ll swing wildly around while he runs. Make curved lines to show his arms using the one on the left side bent down.

The right hand will be raised slightly so that we can have a closer look at the arm’s hand. Also, make sure you draw the rounded rectangles of his sleeves onto the wrist.

It’s about it, and you’re free to move ahead.

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Step 4

Like his arms, Woody’s legs too are constructed of floppy fabric. If we sketch them, they’ll be flailing in the same way as his arms.

The leg on the left is straighter and extends more forward than the other one. The other leg is slightly bent and this can help demonstrate that he’s in mid-stride.

You could also begin sketching the top of the rims of the boots and the initial sections of his boots underneath his legs. We’ll leave the lower part of the boot undrawn for the moment, however, you’ll finish them with the last details in the following step.

Step 5

The next step in the tutorial on drawing Woody can consist of completing the last elements and details. For the first step, we’ll sketch the sole of his boots.

For the shoe on the left side, we’ll be able to see a small portion of the bottom of the shoe, while the other boot will only look at the top.

After drawing after that, you are able to make some suggestions that you have of your own! Maybe you can sketch a background to show the most memorable scene from the film , or you could even include some additional actors from the film.

Step 6

You’re now ready to complete this Woody drawing by adding some color! In our illustration we chose to use the usual colors that Woody is featured in the various films, so you could duplicate our image to ensure that he looks as good as possible.

A few of the colors are brown to match his hat, boots and blue for the shirt, and blue for his pants.

Conclusion About Cowboy Toy Woody Drawing

Its very easy to draw a Cowboy Toy Woody drawing if you follow our step by step guide.

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