Learn Crocodile Drawing For Kids And Beginners

This step-by-step tutorial for drawing the crocodile will get you drawing one of these stunning reptiles within a matter of minutes only in 8 simple and easy steps.

Crocodile And Its Drawing

Crocodiles, or true crocodiles can be described as large semiaquatic reptiles which live all over the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia.

Today, there are a variety of things that we can learn to draw things , like drawing boards, drawing tablets or drawing on paper and drawing on pages as well as a myriad of Android apps are available on which you can learn how to draw quickly. This tutorial tried to guide you through drawing.

Best Crocodile Drawing Ideas For Learner

There are different ideas that how to draw a crocodile drawing which are below:-


Required Material For Easy Crocodile Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Crocodile Drawing For Beginners

There are different steps in which you will learn how to draw a crocodile drawing for beginners in only 8 steps which are below:-

Step 1

The first step is to draw both the eye and top part of head for this first part of our instruction on drawing the crocodile.

To draw eyes, draw oval shapes that are that are close to each other like you see in the image reference. Make sure to leave a small gap between the bottom of your eyes!

After you’ve got the eyes to drawn, you can apply curves above them to form the eyes and draw a line backwards to mark the beginning of your head.

Step 2

In this section of drawing your crocodile, you will begin to draw the eyes of your crocodile. The first step is to draw an upward-sloping line beneath the eye to the left, filling the gap left by the lower part in the eye.

You can then look up the reference image to make more curving and rounded lines to create the snout.

This step can be a little tricky and requires a bit of practice, so make certain to follow the image guide!

Step 3

This is the next step in our tutorial on drawing the crocodile, we will concentrate on the rear of the crocodile’s back.

There’s a string of triangular spikes that run along the length which you can then use the line between them to make the back, and the beginning of the tail.

Then, you can draw an arcing line that is sharply curled for the tail’s end. Be sure that you draw the lower part of your mouth, too!

Step 4

We’ll add the belly and legs of your drawing of a crocodile during the next step. The legs are very small and round with sharp claws on the ends.

The leg in forward of the crocodile extends forward, while the back one is bent to the back. You can then draw the top of the tail and the belly to complete this process.

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Step 5

In this section of our tutorial to drawing the crocodile you will draw the feet on the opposite part of the body.

These will appear rather tiny to provide some perspective. Next, draw dots to represent pupils, and draw some nostrils.

Step 6

Every crocodile has a jaw with sharp teeth So let’s include them in your drawing of a crocodile by following this process!

You could draw an elongated line to his mouth. Then, put in some sharp teeth on top and below it.

After you’ve got the face drawn out, then you are able to draw the additional details that are that we have in the reference image, like lines on the abdomen and on the legs and face to add more skin texture.

Step 7

We’ll draw some tiny details before we move onto the last step of this tutorial on drawing the Crocodile.

We traced a few small lines all across your body, to make surface texture to the Crocodile. After that, you can draw jagged lines in order for a matte background for your Crocodile.

Before moving forward, make sure you include any additional information you’d like to include in this photo! Maybe you can extend the background to reveal the kind of environment the croc lives in.

Step 8

After you’ve completed the drawing of your crocodile there’s one more exciting step to take and that’s adding some stunning colors!

We went with the color combination of yellow and green scheme for our image but this is one of the places where you really let your imagination run wild!

You can choose the same color scheme as ours, but you can also choose any other color that you like to use!

It is possible to try using some realistic, muted shades, but you can also choose vibrant and bright colors for more stylish images.

Remember to add color to the background and additional details you might have drawn.


His research suggests that the crocodiles are more loving than was previously believed and may even have feelings for humans. "A man who helped save the crocodile who had been injured in the head was close with the animal. They would play together all throughout the day, until the animal's demise twenty years 20 years later".

In rare instances there are instances where individual crocodilians have been observed to be so bonded with other people that they can become playing partners for many years. A man, for instance, who helped save a crocodile who was hit in the head, became close to the animal. They played together every throughout the day, until the animal's passing twenty years afterward.

Recent research has revealed that crocodiles, as well as their cousins are extremely intelligent creatures capable of complex behaviors like sophisticated parental care, complicated communication and use of equipment to hunt. The latest research shows how advanced their hunting methods are.

Conclusion About Crocodile Drawing For Kids

Its very easy to draw a crocodile drawing if you follow our steps that how to draw a crocodile only in 8 steps then you will draw it easily.

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