How To Draw An Elephant Images

There are different tutorial about how to draw an elephant images but in this my tutorial I explain it to you in just 8 simple and easy steps.

These days, There are different things on which we learn how to draw things just like drawing board, drawing tablets , drawing on copy, drawing on pages, and also hundred of android applications are present on which you can learn to draw things easily. Therefore in this tutorial I tried to help you about learning how to draw.

Elephant and Their Images

The largest land animal known is the elephant. There are three species currently known: the African bush elephant and the African forest elephant. They are the only remaining members of the family Elephantoidal as well as the order Proboscidea.

Best Elephant Images Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas that how to draw an elephant images which are below:-

Required Material For Easy Elephant Images Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps To Draw An Elephant Images

There are different steps in which you will learn how draw an elephant images which are below:

Step 1 

Draw a large oval to represent the elephant’s body, then draw a smaller circle to cover the head.

Step 2

 Now draw two curving lines that run down from the head to the trunk. These lines should be joined at the end.

Step 3

 Draw an outline of a tusk that curves across the trunk from the elephant’s bottom. The tip of the other trunk tusk should be added.

Step 4

 Remove the lines that cross the trunk and tusk. Draw the ear.

Step 5 

Remove the overlapping lines from the ear for drawing elephant easily. For the legs, draw two sets of ovals. Add semicircles to the bottom for your feet.

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Step 6

 Remove the lines that cross and smoothen out the areas where the shapes meet. Add the remaining two legs.

Step 7

 Remove the lines that cross the second set of legs and smoothen out the areas where they join. Add a tail. As closely as possible, try to replicate the shape.

Step 8

 Draw lines to create wrinkles on the trunk, ear and knees of your elephant. Add toenail shapes and a wiggly edge to your elephant’s ears.

Conclusion About Elephant Images Drawing

Its very easy to learn how to draw an elephant images if you follow our step.

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