Fish Drawing

We’ve created a step-by-step instruction on koi fish drawing , which is summarized in nine easy and straightforward steps.

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Best Fish Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas about how to draw a fish:-



Required Material For Koi Fish Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Koi Fish Drawing

There are different steps for koi fish drawing:-

Step 1

Draw the outline for the form of the fish at the center on your piece of paper.

To ensure that the fish is drawn on center of the paper draw the lines of reference by sketching an intersection vertical and horizontal lines across the paper.

The point at which the two lines intersect marks the center point, and that’s the place you’ll draw your outline.

Step 2 ( How to draw a gill cover of fish? )

Draw a curving line inside the outline to create the gills of the fish making a distinction between it’s head and body.

Step 3

Draw a second curved line along the tapered portion of the fish’s body just before the tail.

Step 4 ( How to draw a pectoral fin of fish? )

In this phase we’ll be working on the fins across both the sides known as the pectoral fin. Because the fish is placed to the side, as shown in the image the only fin is evident.

Form the fin’s shape using two interconnected curving lines. The ends of both of the lines must be joined to create the pectoral fin.

If properly drawn, its form should look like a sideways oval , with sharp sides.

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Step 5 ( How to draw a fins of the fish? )

We will now draw the fins that has affixed on the top and on the underside of fish that is known as the pelvic fins and dorsal fins, respectively.

Beginning from the dorsal fins begin drawing an elongated curving form that has directly connected to the top of the body of the fish.

Draw an upside-down triangular form in the middle to form an oblique fin. You can see, it’s as easy as it gets!

Step 6 ( How to draw a fish mouth? )

On the side of the surface that you are fishing, trace a up and down diagonal lines. This will create an outline that resembles the half-rhombus shape.

Step 7 ( How to draw a fish eyes? )

Draw an eye-shaped circle to form the eye. In your eye, create a second circle to draw the outline of the pupil. Next, draw a tiny circle within the pupil to emphasize the eye’s iris.

When shading your eyes, shade the entire pupil but leave the iris unharmed creating an impressive “sparkling eyes” effect.

Step 8 ( How to draw a fish outlines? )

Draw triangular elongated patterns on all the flesh of the fish as illustrated in the image.

The location of the shapes must be different, meaning that you should sketch the initial triangle on the upper edge of the body of the fish, then draw another at the bottom edge and so on.

Feel free to modify the designs printed upon the fish. For example an angelfish is distinguished by the diagonal lines running across its body . Common carps have only scales.

Choose the species of fish you’d like to draw first, then move on from there. You can also make an individual design of your own, which will result in a unique fish!

Make sure not to trace parallel lines along the fins to give them some texture!

Step 9 ( How to draw a fish in water? )

Draw several circles over your fish’s head to form bubbles. This creates an impression that the animal breathes underwater, which makes it appear more real.

Step 10 ( How to draw a fish with color? )

The drawing of the fish has completed. The only thing lacking is a few hues to render the fish lively and vibrant!

Once we’ve successfully drawn a fish we are now ready for the most thrilling part, which is selecting color and shading your drawings!

This is where you will be able to show off your talents as an artist and demonstrate your aptitude to combine and blend different colors.

Based upon the type of fish, fishes are available with a range of colors. This means that you’ll certainly be able to choose from a variety of options of colors to pick to color your fish. Enjoy playing around with colors and watching as the fish appears to come alive!

Conclusion About Koi Fish Drawing

Koi fish drawing is very easy to draw, you just need the steps how to draw a fish.

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