Fox Drawing

This step-by-step guide on cute fox drawing will show you how to draw a fox in only six easy steps. This will assist you in drawing the fox with greater ease than you have ever.

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Best Fox Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas about how to draw a fox, which are given below:-

Required Material For Cute Fox Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Cute Fox Drawing For Kids

There are different steps for cute fox drawing, due to which you can learn how to draw a fox:-

Step 1

The first part of the guideline for drawing the fox begins with sketching the head of the Fox. There are a variety of elements to be taken into consideration and we will be focusing in each of the steps.


To begin the drawing is to draw the ear, which is larger in the picture. It is possible to draw this with the curved line that is sharp at center.

Then, sketch an illustration of the Fox. Starting from the eye Draw an arc to create the head. After that, draw sharp lines to the snout.

Finish it off with sharper lines to represent the hair that over the head. You can then draw the other ear the same manner as you can see it in the picture.

This could be quite difficult, so you may want to try drawing it using a pencil with less pressure first, later cover it with the pen once you’re satisfied with how it appears.


Step 2

After we have the face of the fox and we are able to sketch the rear. Drawing it away from the head, we’ll apply the curving line to make an aft of the Fox.


A picture of this reference can provide you with an idea of the angle and the length of the back.

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Step 3

Foxes are known for their stunning bushy tails. In this part of our drawing instruction on drawing the fox, we’ll be sketching one in your sketch of an fox.

In order to draw the tail to draw the tail, we’ll use a curvy line which begins at the point that is drawn for drawing the rear. It wraps around the body.

After you have the Tail drawn, draw an elongated line under the head, to create your chest. Fox.

Step 4

The sketch of your Fox is beginning to take shape right today! The next step is to include all four legs of the Fox.


It is one area where making reference to the image that is which is being referenced can aid a lot.

I’d suggest drawing your legs in front at first, and then draw them downwards from the point at which the chest’s ends before creating an abdominal incline that is reversed.

Once you’ve got your front legs set then you can draw the more robust hind legs. To draw them in, I’d recommend drawing them with a pencil first. This is extremely beneficial in creating the perfect appearance.

If all stomachs and legs are drawn, you will be in a position to draw an extended strip to create the fox’s nostril.


Step 5

You’re almost done with the job of learning how you can draw a Fox! It’s only an issue of adding some more information before you’re ready to color your drawing. We’ll be focusing on the details of drawing a fox right now.


It is the first stage to make eyes appear by drawing an extended circle inside another.

This is a method you can draw attention and make yourself stand out but you could also use an alternative design like an elongated circle , if you like the style.

Then draw a mouth on Your animal. This one is cute and cute, however, you can also select an alternative line to give your Fox various expressions!

Once your face is completed, you can then draw different lines to add more wild details to the sketch of the fox.

Step 6

When the final details of your sketch of a fox have been completed now is the time to begin an additional enjoyable step. It’s time to color your stunning sketch of the fox!


Foxes are distinguished by their distinct and striking color of red and white, therefore, if you choose to keep their standard color, it’ll be an amazingly vibrant image!

It could also be improved with the color you prefer and you need to let your imagination flow as you let it go free!

Conclusion About Cute Fox Drawing

Cute fox drawing is very easy to draw, you just follow the steps how to draw a fox.



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