Hand Drawing

After we have all our preparatory work done and we are now able to begin hand drawing process. Remember that drawing takes some time and patience. Drawing is a process that requires patience and time. every step is approached carefully and with care.

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Free hand drawing Ideas

There are following ideas about hand sketch. You can follow them to learn how to draw hand?

Required Material For Easy Hand Drawing

  • White Paper or Drawing Board
  • Pencil For Drawing
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Color Box

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Free Hand Drawing Steps

Free Hand Drawing is very easy. You Just need to follow our steps.

Step 1

In this video we will draw the palm that is open of left hand. Beginning at the middle of your drawing paper trace your palm’s outline. Just draw an irregularly tilted form with a flat top and a narrow, curving bottom, as illustrated in the drawing.

To make sure that the outline can be placed in the proper place Draw a horizontal and vertical lines across your paper in order to draw reference lines. Make sure you trace the outline of your palm on the vertical bottom line.

Beginning with the lowest point of the sheet gives you enough room to draw your fingers.

Step 2

On the left hand Draw an oval to draw a line around the thumb.

Keep in mind that the outlines must be separated from one the other and should not overlap. We’ll be able to connect them when we review and trace out the outlines.

Step 3

Draw a long oval on the left-hand side of your palm. The oval should outline your index finger.

Its length is determined by the outline of your index finger should be the same as the index finger of your hand would look. Naturally, you are able to alter the width and length of any finger.

Step 4

When you move towards the second finger draw a second long oval next to the outline of your index finger. The middle finger needs to be a bit larger over the index fingers like it’s naturally.

Step 5

Then, we’ll work on the next finger, which will follow the middle finger. Create an outline to represent the ring next to middle finger.

The ring finger should not be larger than the index finger and middle finger.

Step 6

Alongside the ring finger, draw an oval larger than your ring, but nonetheless larger over the thumb.

If you’re not sure you’re not sure, look at your hands to see whether the dimensions of the fingers are correct. The middle finger tends to be biggest then the index finger or rings finger, while the pink and thumb fingers are the most tiny.

Step 7

Just below your palms, make two vertical lines on the bottom. The distance between these lines should be the thickness or thin you wish the wrist to appear.

Step 8

Create outlines over the ones that we’ve drawn in the earlier steps to create the hand’s structure. Make curves as needed However, make sure your lines are straight, especially for the fingers. This is the final step in forming and structuring the hand.

Like you see on the image the hand is gradually becoming more alive!

Step 9

Once you’ve created a perfect outline of your hand, you don’t require the outline we sketched in the earlier steps. Grab your eraser, and clean up any marks that are not needed on your paper, leaving behind a tidy, organized shape of your hand.

Then, draw a sideways curving line towards the thumb. This creates an outline of the palm lines and make the hand appear more dimensional and real.

Color Hand Drawing easy

Here you can see that the hand is getting close to being done! The only thing that’s lacking is a splash of different colors to finish your art!

And now, let us get to the most exciting aspect–filling in the colors of your stunning sketch! This is where you are able to show off your artistic abilities and capacity to combine and blend different colors.

To make the appearance of a skin tone blend the hues of yellow, red brown, white and. In accordance with the skin tone you’re looking for You may need to apply more of a particular shade than the rest.

Conclusion About Free Hand Drawing

Its very easy to draw a free hand drawing. Please follow our steps.

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