Learn Kangaroo Drawing Only In 10 Steps

In this tutorial of kangaroo drawing you will learn how to draw a kangaroo only in 10 simple and easy steps.

Kangaroo And Its Drawing

Kangaroos are four marsupials belonging to the family of Macropodidae. The word is used to refer to the largest species of this family which is the red kangaroo along with the antilopine kangarooas well as the eastern grey kangaroo and western grey the kangaroo. Kangaroos are native in Australia in both New Guinea.

And its drawing is very easy if you follow our steps.

Today, there are many things to which we can learn to draw things , like drawing boards, drawing tablets and drawing on copies and drawing on pages and hundreds of Android applications that you can draw easily. This tutorial attempted to guide you through drawing.

Best Kangaroo Drawing Ideas For Beginners

There are different ideas that how to draw a kangaroo which are below:-


Required Material For Easy Kangaroo Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Drawing Kangaroo For Beginners

There are different steps that how to draw a kangaroo drawing which are below:-

Step 1

Begin by drawing a small perfect circle on the upper-right corner the paper. The outline of the head is drawn by the Kangaroo.

Be sure to use light strokes to draw the outline. Do not press too much with your pencil to quickly remove any portion of the outline you not require later on.

To make sure the outline will draw in the right location, you can draw the lines of reference by sketching an intersection vertical and horizontal lines on the sheet of paper.

The outline of the head of the kangaroo must be aligned with the vertical line over that horizontal line.

Step 2

Draw an oval that is uneven just below the head. The shape should be small at the top, and more curved and wide towards the bottom.

Similar to the outline of the head ensure you have a body outline that your body is easily erased when needed.

Step 3

Draw a U-shaped, sideways-facing curvature on the left of the kangaroo’s skull. Draw an upward curve on the bottom. This creates the snout the Kangaroo.

Make sure to erase all areas of the outline which overlap inside the snout. This makes your drawing sharper and, more importantly tidy and neat.

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Step 4

Draw two U-shaped upside down curves on either side of on the highest point of head of the kangaroo. Make sure that the ears are identical in size and shape.

Then, erase the line in the outline of the ear that is overlapping your right ear.

Check that your ears are high and upright. This is one of the distinctive characteristics of the animal!

Step 5

Do you know that the kangaroos are able to leap up to 10 feet? This is due to their strong feet and legs that are one of the most unique characteristics in the kangaroo. In this section this is exactly that we’ll draw.

Continue to draw a curved straight line along the left side of the body to create legs.

Then, you can extend the line left until you create an angle that is U-shaped that forms the foot. Then, you can bring the line upwards, finishing the shape for the left leg as well as the foot.

Repeat the same process on the other part of the kangaroo’s body. This is one leg that is left, completes both legs of the kangaroo.

Step 6

Draw a narrow curved shape that has a pointed tip at the bottom back of the kangaroo. This gives the kangaroo a distinctive pointed tail.

Be sure to draw the tail at an angle so that it will appear to be higher than it actually is, as you can see in the drawing.

Step 7

Create a folded arm using three paws per side of the chest of the kangaroo. The arm is created through drawing parallel lines. The legs simply three U-shaped curvatures that connected.

Due to the kangaroo’s tilted posture, the left arm of its kangaroo isn’t visible in contrast to its right arm.

Step 8

In this stage we’ll begin adding patterns and details all over this body part of the Kangaroo. This makes your drawing appear more detailed.

Beginning from the top and moving down from at the base, trace a curving line, enclosing the edge the snout of a kangaroo.

Draw one vertical line along the length of the body, and an horizontal line to outline the pouch. Do not forget to draw several lines on each foot, to create the paws into separate areas!

Step 9

Draw two ovals standing over the eyes of the Kangaroo. The kangaroo’s face is highlighted by the eyeballs.

Since the kangaroo’s head is to the side so the left eye will be less than right. After that, you can put a small circle to each eye. After that, shade all eyes and leave the small circle inside the unhued.

Do not forget to create an outline of those ears, as also a line on the base of the tail, to draw a line around the bottom. This will add a little more detail on the kangaroo’s body and makes it appear more real.

Step 10

After we’ve drawn the kangaroo, we’re ready to move on to the most exciting phase. In this stage we’ll choose the colors, and coloring the Kangaroo.

The color of the fur of a kangaroo is a range of red to brown and typically disappears to a less delicate hue on their undersides as well as on their legs.

You may choose for coloring the kangaroo with the original colors or the unique colors. In either case, we’re confident that the colors will come out stunningly.


The Kangaroo is often depicted in the media as warm and cuddly Australian popular icons of culture. But, they can hurt people. The likelihood to be attacked by the kangaroo can be very small.

Kangaroos need lots of space to roam and feed. The Roos aren't household pets They do not take rides in vehicles and on leashes. They also don't play tricks. They're nervous and can be easily stressed in stressful situations.

A male kangaroo is known as boomer, female kangaroo is called is called a flyer as well as a baby kangaroo, Joey.

Conclusion About Kangaroo Drawing For Kids

Its very easy to draw a kangaroo if you follow our steps that how to draw a kangaroo drawing then you can learn to draw it easily.

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