Koi Fish Drawing For Kids

This step by step tutorial on koi fish drawing will teach you how to draw a koi fish in only 5 simple and easy steps.

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Best Koi Fish Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas for koi fish drawing that how to draw a koi fish which are below:-

Required Material For Koi Fish Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Koi Fish Drawing

There are different steps for koi fish drawing that how to draw a koi fish, which are below:-

Step 1 ( How to draw a koi fish for beginners? )

Fish are fluid and therefore it is helpful to start your koi drawing by drawing an straight line. Consider how they move in water and sketch a line that is based on the motion of those. Then, draw a long oval body around the first line and ensure that it is tapering significantly when you get to the end.

Step 2

When the body is in position Once the body is in place, concentrate on your head that is the largest bulbous area of the Koi fish. Mark this area with the line which dips to form a V towards the middle. After that, sketch a pair of eyes which protrude slightly from the head of the koi. Check against your photo reference, and if you feel it is necessary, extend the fish’s nose like I did in the image below. In the end, you could give the fish two whiskers that are wavy.

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Step 3

The next step is to attach the fins and tail to your Koi fish. In the case of butterfly koi these attachments are long and flowing. Begin drawing the fins at the point where you traced the line that runs through the body. They should stretch out along the body to form an angle, before closing the line with the shape of a tapered “V.” Then, begin your dorsal fin in the middle of the body. Create the thin, wavy rectangular shape that is finished near the tail. Based what angle your Koi fish you could additionally include to the anal fin to the side the fin that ends the dorsal. Take a look at your reference picture in case you are having trouble identifying the appendages.

Then, you can add the tail at the point where the body of your Koi fish is tapered, creating an enormous, delicious shape that floats through the water.

Step 4 ( How to draw a koi fish outline? )


As this tutorial is covering the drawing process of a Koi fish drawing in the black-and-white style, it’s essential to fill in the lack of color by adding the texture. This is a lot easier than it seems and just requires some time. You can, for instance, finish the fins and tail on your Koi Fish with long waving lines that are roughly similar to one another. If they’re not even, the pattern will still create the desired effect when it’s fully covered.

You can finish the body by combining it in a variety of ways, but I’ve decided to apply scales. It’s similar to the way I learned to draw the dragon that is where you draw half-circles of rows on top of one another until you arrive at the tail. The scales were kept fairly big here however, feel at liberty to try different designs. Many koi come with patterned skins, too. You can now fill in with black paint, or later using color pencils or markers.

Step 5 ( How to draw a koi fish with color? )


After you’re happy with your drawing Once you are satisfied with your sketch, go to your preferred pen and sketch the design with black ink. Different kinds of pens create various results, so keep that in mind while making your choice. For example, can provide the fish with more of a dramatic effect while a fine-line pen will give an consistent appearance. If you own a set of fine line pen with various sizes you want to switch to a smaller nib for more precise texture.

After you’ve covered all the lines with pencil, put the drawing aside so that you can give the ink enough time for drying. After that, use an eraser to remove any pencil marks left. Congratulations! You’ve drawn your very personal Koi fish.

Conclusion About Koi Fish Drawing

Koi fish drawing is very easy to draw, you just follow the steps how to draw a koi fish step by step.

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