Best Lizard Drawing For Kids

So , get ready to draw one of these cute reptiles when we start this step-by step guide for drawing an animated lizard in only 7 easy and fun steps!

These days, you can use a variety of tools to draw sketches, pencil drawings, or simple drawing images or basic drawing images as drawings tablets, draw applications and an easily accessible drawing boards on which you can draw whatever you want using a variety of drawing postures.


Lizards are a large species of squamate reptiles with more than 7,000 species that are found across all continents, with Antarctica being the only exception. Antarctica and many islands in the ocean.

Best Lizard Drawing Ideas

There are different ideas that how to draw lizard which are below:-

Required Material For Easy Lizard Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Lizard Drawing

There are different steps that how to draw lizard drawing which are below:-

Step 1

While we’ll be creating the cartoon version of this article on drawing an animated lizard however, the proportions will approximate to the real-life lizard.

This is also true in the shape of the head that we will discuss with. The head is quite compact and rounded and the mouth will extend into the skull to create the wide smile.

The top of the mouth will look slightly pointed however, it will be slightly curvaceous and round. The final touch is to add an elongated line on top of the head to form the eyelid. Lastly, we’ll add the lower part of the mouth.

Step 2

Head outline completed The head outline is done, now then we are able to draw body of the Lizard. We will first sketch the rear of the Lizard.

The neck will extend back from the bottom of the head. it will have a curving. We will then begin on the back of the neck.

Draw it by adding two shorter straight lines coming from the lower part on the top of your head. Once you’ve drawn these features like they appear on the image we used as a reference.

Step 3

Then we’ll include a leg and more belly fat to your drawings of lizards. Let’s begin by adding the legs.

This will be directly to the point where the lines of the neck’s underside that you traced in the earlier step came to an end.

It’ll be thicker at the bottom and become slightly larger as you go.

The feet of the dog have distinct shapes, and the toes are very rounded towards the end to reveal the suction areas.

Then, stretch the lines that run from the bottom of the neck to the leg in order to keep the belly moving.

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Step 4

The next step is to add legs on the Lizard during this next step. These legs will appear from the top and bottom of the body as seen in the image referenced above.

On the top, we’ll mostly only see the foot. This will be designed as the one on the previous leg, with similar rounded toes.

For the other leg it will be towards the lower part of the body and will be more curvaceous and rounded as compared to the first leg.

Step 5

Before we begin adding any other details, we’ve got one more leg we’d like to include in your lizard drawing.

The foot on this model will be slightly longer as compared to the previous models and feet will appear a bit longer and smaller.

We will then end this step by expanding the tail even further using slight curves.

There will be a gap near the end of the tail and we’ll fill that in, along with any last details that need to be addressed in the next step.

Step 6

We’re ready to complete this sketch before we move on to the last step of the tutorial! The first step is to create eyes for the lizard.

The outline of the eye will be broad and smooth, and there are ovals shape with an inside dot to define the pupil. After that, we’ll make a few curved eyebrows over the head to complete the facial appearance.

The last thing we need to add is the tail’s end. the tail. This is curved to form an arc shape.

Step 7

This is the final tutorial on drawing an animated lizard using colors that will make it come to life.

 We chose to use a variety of shades of green for the lizard for a stunning vibrant appearance. You might want to go with similar hues in case you like the appear.

Conclusion About Lizard Drawing

Its very easy to learn lizard drawing, you just follow the upper steps how to draw a lizard.

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