Mushroom Drawing Easy

Today, we’ll teach you about the mushroom drawing for kids in just 12 steps. This includes the basic elements and shapes as well as texturing and painting. You can follow our step-by-step tutorial to learn how to draw these stunning mushrooms.

Step By Step Cute Mushroom Drawing Easy

There are different steps for trippy mushroom drawing ideas. Now a days, You have different things on which you can do simple drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Step 1

Before we can begin drawing mushrooms, it is important to choose where our first mushroom should be placed. Draw a large oval shape once you’ve found the center of your drawing area on drawing board, regardless of what medium you use. This is our first mushroom head. This will serve as a guide for when we place the next mushrooms around it.

Don’t close your oval. We will use the small space in our next step.

Step 2

We will now add our main mushroom stem to the oval we have just drawn. Sketch a curving stem using the open portion of the mushroom head. The stem should be as long as the mushroom head for the tallest one in your drawing. It should also remain open at its base.

Step 3

Now we will add the second mushroom drawing house. Continue with the previous steps, and draw another mushroom stem and head. The second mushroom should be smaller than the first.

Your second drawing should be added to the left side of the main mushroom.

Step 4

To create the third mushroom stem and head, we will repeat steps 1 and 2. This time, however, we will be drawing on our right-hand side. You can draw a slightly narrower oval to create the next mushroom.

Step 5

To add the fourth and final stem and mushroom head, go back to step 1. Draw the smallest mushroom you can see, since all three mushrooms are very similar in size.

Draw your fourth mushroom on your right-hand side, next to the third.

Step 6

Once the mushrooms are drawn, we’ll be completing the outline of each one. Start to create a more detailed outline for each mushroom using all the construction lines you have previously drawn. To create a 3D effect, turn your oval shapes into domes and add details to your stems.

Step 7

This step will focus on the details of the stems and mushrooms heads. To create texture in the stem, draw lines and dots. Second, focus on the mushroom head. From the stem to the base of your mushroom head, draw circular lines.

Finally, draw your final details on one side of the mushroom heads. Draw a mix of small and big circles and ovals.

Step 8

After your mushrooms are done, you will need to place them on a base. Your grass is here to help. Draw a straight line along the base of the mushrooms with sharp strokes. This will help us achieve the right perspective.

Step 9

We are now ready to add color to your drawing! Use a regular brush with a green color to paint the grass evenly. Next, you can paint your mushroom domes with a regular brush using an orange colour. Make sure you don’t paint the spots on your mushroom heads.

You can paint the stems of your mushrooms with a soft brush in a light cream colour.

Step 10

Now, we will be focusing our attention on contouring the mushroom drawings. To add contouring to your mushrooms, use a soft brush and choose a light brown shade. These details will be visible. This step can be repeated to contour the outer domes with black paint.

Step 11

Concentrating on the mushroom heads, choose a darker brown paint. Use a soft brush to gently apply the paint to create shading around the stems and inner parts of the mushrooms heads.

Continue this process with the outer domes for all four mushrooms heads.

Step 12

Your grass will be back to normal. Use a soft brush to fill in the grass’ bottom with a darker color. This will create the illusion of 3D. After you are done, start to lighten the paint towards the top of the grass.You will only need to trace the final lines for your fungus sketch. Start tracing the dark areas of your drawing with a fine, pointed brush and the appropriate colors. This applies to all four mushrooms as well as your grass. You will get a seamless, neat final artwork with no visible outlines.


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Mostly Asked Questions About simple mushroom drawing

It’s easy to draw mushrooms. You can make them look like food or other objects. To create a stunning fungus drawing, you only need to follow the 13 steps in our tutorial. The steps are easy to follow and make the process enjoyable.

How many mushrooms should I draw?

We have shown you how to draw four mushrooms in a cluster. You can draw as many mushrooms as you like, but it’s your choice! You can draw as few or as many mushrooms you want.

Are there any specific colors I need for my mushroom sketch?

Not at all! You can choose from a variety of colors, although we have used traditional colors for our mushrooms. We recommend following our color scheme if you want to create a mushroom drawing that is similar to ours. You can create something entirely different if you wish. There are no rules about what colors you can or cannot use. Let your imagination run wild!


Conclusion About Easy Mushroom Drawing

Pencil simple Mushroom Drawing is very easy, just follow the steps which is given and you will draw a beautiful drawing.

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