Rose Drawing

The rose drawing in this article is easy enough for novices. If you follow every step of drawing this beautiful rose, you will get similar results. If you practice your rose will appear better and you will not need to consult guides.

Now a days, You have different things on which you can do pencil drawing images, sketch drawing or easy drawing pictures or simple drawing images just like drawing tablets, drawing apps, and easily available drawing board on which you can draw anything with different drawing poses.

Required Material For Easy Rose Drawing

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

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Step For Rose Drawings

There are 7 steps for rose drawing easy.

Step 1

Begin by making the small, yet large heart shape. This will form the center that is the rose bulb. Next, draw another heart. The second one will be larger and more narrow. The top in our hearts will now be positioned towards the side. This gives the appearance of natural rather as opposed to a perfectly symmetrical look.

Step 2

Then, we will determine the center petals, starting from the center. The the side that your heart has will serve as our reference point. The first step is to start at the opposite side of your heart, just above the center point and then repeat the initial stroke. We will then draw lines downwards towards the heart’s center, as illustrated below. Then, we draw a second heart-shaped line in curvature.

Step 3

Next, draw an ellipse line which runs from the top to the bottom in the bigger heart. It should be in contact with the bottom of the ellipse. The lines will be drawn to mark the center of the rose, just like we did for the first round rose. In order to give it a flowing appearance it is best to begin by drawing the outer petals. Draw a line beginning at the lower part of the oval.

Step 4

We’ll create the secondary outer petals by drawing irregular designs on both sides, and on top. The objective is to create an even flower head. To make the rose appear petal-like in appearance, we’ll use this tutorial to ink the design. We will apply more organic lines along the edges.

Step 5

I like adding small designs at the top of petals. Although they’re simple designs, it makes the appearance more authentic. The sepals, peduncle, and stem can be sketched.

Step 6

Follow the steps like we did earlier to draw leaves. Find a comprehensive guide on drawing leaves here. In order to make the lines more bold and thicker, draw the final rose using a soft pencil, or make use of it as markers. After adding the final details, you can erase or take off the guides.

Step 7

To add texture to the rose’s leaves as well as details, apply thin lines. Use the natural shape of the petals in order to draw lines. This drawing shows the lines can create impact. I then complete the drawing using the color. I decided to use hot pink in place of the standard red rose. The leaves were created using chose 2 different green shades. To give this a more dimensional Digital coloring I made use of Procreate’s texture brushes.

Conclusion About Simple Rose Drawing Easy

Simple Rose Drawing is very easy, you just need to follow my steps and learn how to draw a rose step by step.

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