How To Draw A Tiger Tattoo

This step-by–step guide on drawing a tattoo of tiger will help you draw a tiger easily in just seven simple and easy steps.

These days you have many options for drawing. You can use them to draw pencil drawings, simple sketches, or pictures.

Tiger Tattoo

Tiger tattoos are symbolic of strength and raw power. Others see the apex predator as a symbol of freedom and independence. The perfect balance between power and innocence is what tiger cubs represent. This is why tiger tattoos on the chest and biceps as well as forearms make sense.

Best Tiger Tattoo Ideas

There are different ideas that how to draw a tiger tattoo which are below:-



Required Material For Easy Tiger Tattoo Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For How To Draw A Tiger Tattoo

There are different steps that how to draw a tiger tattoo which are below:-

Step 1

This is the first step in our guide to drawing a Tiger. We will begin with the first ear on the side of the head.

You can start by drawing the ear with a straight line with a sharp point to indicate that it is furry. For more detail, you can draw another straight line inside the ear.

You will use a combination more straight and curved lines to create the top of your head, along with some stripes.

Although it may seem difficult, if you carefully follow the instructions and take it slow, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Step 2

The second part of your tiger tattoo drawing will be simple as you will be repeating the steps from the previous one.

You can use the reference image or your own drawing to try your best and make the right-hand side look the same as the other.

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Step 3

Now that you have drawn the top of the tiger’s skull, can begin to draw lower portions of the face.

This section of the face has many intricate details. You could use a similar approach as the previous step to draw a Tiger.

To create symmetry, you could start on one side and mirror it. This step should also include the tiger’s fearsome eye!

Step 4

These tiger drawing steps have been difficult in the past, so let’s simplify it a little for this part.

To create the furry sides of your head, make jagged lines along the sides of your face. This is it for the step. Now you can move on to the next!

Step 5

This step in our guide to drawing a Tiger is a little easier than the previous ones.

For the nose of the Tiger, you can draw a curve and some jagged lines for the details on the muzzle.

Step 6

In the next section, we will show you a simpler way to draw tigers. This is where you will add some whiskers to your tiger’s muzzle.

This can be done by drawing simple, straight lines parallel to the muzzle. After you’ve done these, you can add a few details before you color your picture.

Step 7

It’s almost time for some stunning colors to . This guide shows you how to draw a tiger tattoo. But first, we need to add some details and elements.

You can first draw the base of your face. Next, use more jagged lines for the furry base. You can then finish by adding details to the tiger’s ears.

This will cover the details of this guide. However, this drawing is yours and you can add your own details to it if you want!

Step 8

You can recreate the stunning color scheme of tigers in this section of your tiger drawing.

We used this color scheme in the reference photo because tigers are known for their bright orange, black, and white coloring. There are many ways to add variety, even if you stick with these realistic colors.

To create a color texture, you can mix and match different shades and tones of these colors. You can also experiment with other art mediums, depending on your style.

Conclusion About Tiger Tattoo

Its very easy to draw a tiger you just follow the steps that how to draw a tiger tattoo. If you follow our steps then you can draw it easily.

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