How To Draw A Unicorn Toys Girl Drawing

We’ve created a step-by-step drawing tutorial that shows you drawing a unicorn toys girl summarized in 10 simple steps.

Unicorn Toys Girl Drawing

Nowadays, there are a variety of things that we learn to draw. These include drawing boards, drawing tablets or drawing on paper or pages as well as a myriad of android apps are available on which you can learn how to draw easily. In this video, I tried to guide you through the art of drawing.

Best Unicorn Toys Girl Drawing Ideas For Beginners

There are different ideas that how to draw a Unicorn toys girl drawing for beginners which are below:-


Required Material For Easy Unicorn Toys Girl Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Unicorn Toys Girl Drawing For Beginners

There are different steps that how to draw a Unicorn Toys Girl drawing which are below:-

Step 1

Begin by drawing a perfect circle on the top part of your paper. This creates your outline of your unicorn head of the girl.

Be aware your outline for your head should be circular shape that is symmetrical. You can use the compass to assist you draw a perfect circle fast and effortlessly.

Be sure that the outline of the head is going to appear in the proper place by drawing reference lines.

Draw an horizontal and vertical line across your paper , and then follow these lines as guidelines. The vertical line that is above the horizontal line indicates the location where you’ll need to trace the outline.

Step 2

Draw two downward sloped curves right under the head’s outline. This is your unicorn’s neck. girl.

Then then create a diagonal between both ends of the curving lines that we just drawn.

Close off the drawing by drawing an horizontal line at the bottom. This will create the upper body for the unicorn girl..

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Step 3

Create the skirt just underneath the female’s torso. The process of drawing the skirt is as easy as drawing multiple rectangles that are standing without lines that run across the top.

This is what creates the pleats of the pleated skirt.

Feel free to personalize the skirt however you’d would like! You can incorporate any patterns or designs to the skirt’s fabric to add your personal style to it.

Step 4

Create a second layer of fabric by drawing an wavy hem directly underneath the skirt we traced in the earlier step.

This is an additional layer under the skirt, which makes the look more elegant and fashionable.

Step 5

Create two lines parallel to each other, with a an rounded bottom on the left, just under the skirt. This is an outline for the left foot and leg. Draw a curving line close to the edge of the foot to create the shoe.

Repeat the same process with the opposite direction to make the left foot and leg, complete the unicorn’s pair of feet and legs.

Step 6

Draw a semicircle around the sides of the body. This will create those puff sleeves on the shirt that the unicorn girl wears.

After that create two lines parallel to each other with a pointed point under each sleeve to form the arms and hands. Now the four legs of the unicorn will now be completed.

Step 7

To make the hair start by drawing the outline on the forehead. Next, draw the whole hair covering the top of your head down to your desired hair length.

It’s no surprise that you can style the unicorn’s hair as long or short as you want! You can also make the hair an a-do, a braid, or any other hairstyle you like!

Do not forget to put an oblique cone shape in the center of the top of your hair! This creates the alicorn, the unique physical appearance.

Step 8

Draw multiple diagonal lines that span the entirety of the alicorn. This is what creates the distinct design on an acorn’s surface as illustrated in the image above.

This will form the strings that can be adjusted in the middle of the blouse, complete the look of this unicorn.

Step 9

Draw two ovals standing with a small circle in the middle around the eyes of the princess in order to make her eyes.

After that, apply shade to all the eyes, keeping the small circle that is not shaded. Then, draw curving lines across the edges of both eyes to create eyelashes.

After that, draw a small semicircle around the nose, and another one that is slightly larger to create a big smile on the unicorn’s face.

Do not forget to add several lines that run the length of your hair! This adds texture to your hair and makes it appear real.

Step 10

You have created a unicorn-like girl. Now it’s time to get to the most exciting part and that’s coloring your unicorn.

The colors you’ll use for the unicorn girl is completely yours to choose.

However, here’s a helpful trick to color the skin of the unicorn girl, mix the hues of white, yellow red, blue, and white to create a unique skin tone shade.

Based on the look you’re trying to create You may have to apply more of a certain color.

We recommend having several colors in particular for hair to create colors that are more enjoyable and lively. Enjoy playing around with the colors.

Conclusion About Unicorn Toys Girl Drawing For Beginners

Its very easy to learn how to draw a Unicorn toys girl drawing if you follow our upper steps carefully.

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