How To Draw A Voodoo Doll

The step-by step guide on drawing the voodoo doll with just 6 steps will teach you how to draw it easily.

Voodoo Doll And Its Drawing

The word Voodoo doll typically refers to an effigy that pins are put. These practices can be present in various forms within the mythological customs of many cultures around the globe. In spite of its name, dolls are not a prominent part of Haitian Vodou and not used in Louisiana Voodoo.

Today, you can choose from a range of devices to draw sketches, pencil drawings, or simple drawing images or drawing images that are simple as sketching tablets and drawing applications and an easily accessible drawing boards on which you can draw any thing using a variety of drawing positions.

Best Voodoo Doll Drawing Ideas For Beginners

There are different ideas that how to draw a voodoo doll drawing which are below:-


Required Material For Easy Voodoo Doll Drawing For Kids

White Paper or Drawing Board
Pencil For Drawing
Pencil Sharpener
Color Box

Steps For Drawing Voodoo Doll For Beginners

There are different steps that how to draw a voodoo doll drawing which are below:-

Step 1

In this tutorial for drawing the voodoo doll, we’ll draw an adorable doll and also quite adorable to be honest! For the first step the first step is to draw the head of the doll.

For this, we’ll be drawing a circular shape that’s almost an arc. Once you’ve drawn the shape the shape, you can add an outline that runs through the center on the front.

It is bent to reveal the shape of the head as illustrated in the reference picture.

Once you’ve drawn that the head. Now you can then complete this step by adding a few thick hairs on your head’s top.

They’ll look like grass blades and can be drawn with curving lines that culminate with sharp points.

Step 2

Once you’ve got the outline of the head drawn now, we’ll add the facial characteristics to the drawing of your voodoo doll today.

The first step is creating the doll’s eyes. The eyes can be drawn using the buttons of a large size sewn on the face.

For drawing them, just draw large circular shapes with curved sides. edges. We will then draw four small circles on each eye.

Then create an wavy line to define the mouth. Then, apply vertical lines of varying lengths onto it to create a stitching. Next, you can add similar horizontal lines on the line you traced at the center of the face earlier.

In the end, we’ll draw some huge straight lines to poke the front of the head for some large pins that poke into the head.

Step 3

The little guy requires some form of body, so we’ll begin drawing one in this section of our step-by-step guide on drawing an voodoo-doll.

To accomplish this, you just need to draw curved lines down from the head and expand to the belly.

It is possible to do the same for the back. And after that, add a center line that is a contour of the body. This is similar as you did with the head.

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Step 4

Now we will include some arms and stitching details to this portion of your drawing of a voodoo doll.

To make the arms appear more rounded, you can add the arms with round lines that extend from the bottom of the head. Then, wrap them return towards the body. After that, you can add an arc-like shape to the top of the arm as seen in the image reference.

Add one of the stitch lines on each arm, similar to what you’ve done for other parts of your body and head.

Then, you can finish this process by adding a second of these lines of stitch horizontally across your belly. Once you’ve completed these lines, you’ll move on to the last details in the following section.

Step 5

The next step in our tutorial on drawing a Voodoo doll will consist of finishing by adding the last details as well as parts. The primary focus of this stage is finishing the legs.

They will appear very like arms, and will sport the same look of rounded edges that the arms had.

They’ll also have circular designs at the base of the legs. They will also feature stitches on them.

There will be some line details to be added to the doll and then you’ll be able for the final step! Before doing that it, you can also add some additional details like backgrounds with additional objects.

Step 6

You are now at the last step of drawing your voodoo doll In this step. You’ll be finishing by adding some colors. In our example image we chose to use subtle hues.

The browns we used to make the head and body give the doll the appearance like it’s made of burlap or another similar material.

Then we used dark gray and dark purple for the eyes of button. And we finished with dark red to make the hair.

These are only a few of the amazing colors can be used however they’re not the only ones to opt for.

FAQs About Voodoo Doll Drawing For Beginners

There are different mostly asked questions about it which are below:-

A doll that is designed to look like a person to be able to use spells or magic on them, or to bring about a transformation in them through altering the doll, typically by inserting pins or needles or the binding of it.

A Voodoo doll or is created by the Voodoo Queen, Doctor, or an expert is asked by the Voodoo Queen or Doctor make an individual doll. It is only possible to do this after the spirits were invoked and granted their permission to the making of this doll.


While its roots aren't entirely clear However, it is believed that the Voodoo doll was created by the Fon people living in present-day Benin. The Voodoo religion was born in the slave camps of Haiti and Louisiana where the beliefs of diverse peoples began to merge.

When the doll is fitted as an accessory it is now feasible for the player as well as other NPCs to kill the Guide by direct attack using weapons . If the item falls to the ground and then destroyed by lava the Guide will then disappear, if he is in the universe.

Conclusion About Voodoo Doll Drawing For Beginners

Its very easy to draw a voodoo doll drawing if you follow our steps carefully.

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