Iphone 8 Cardholder Cases

The iPhone 8 is still a great phone, even though Apple released new iPhones. This phone is one of the most affordable. There are many excellent cases for the iPhone 8. I love being able carry my phone and cards around with me without having to use a bulky wallet. We’ve collected the top iPhone 8 cardholder cases that include a cardholder if you’re in our same group.

This list will focus on the specifications of cases such as their wallet type, storage capacity and extra features.



UOLO 2-in-1 case is a huge case with a storage capacity that rivals that of the Moshi Overture. The case latches together magnetically, but not as strong as we hoped. Although the case is magnetically attached, it does not hold as well as we expected. The removable case for iPhone 8 does not interfere with Qi charging.


The BUDU Modular Case can be used as a modular case and has a wide range of accessories that can be connected magnetically or mechanically to the back. The cardholder wallet case is one of these accessories. The wallet extension is very comfortable and feels the same as the Otterbox Strada. The cardholder wallet section can hold 3 cards and a few bills. You can overfill the wallet with cards and bills because the magnetic latch is large.


  • TECH 21 EVO Check WALLET

Because of its toughness, the Tech 21 Evo Check wallet wallet is the best-rated iPhone wallet cover case. Tech 21 Evo check also included a microfibre flap in the middle that can hold an additional card and act as a screen cleaner. Magnetically attached to the flap, the flap can be used to cover your items. A few bills could be stored in the flap for emergencies. Securely attach the latch to the case at the edge.


The Moshi Overture can store almost all of our current wallets. The Moshi Overture can hold 4 cards, receipts, and cash. Based on our usage, the Moshi Overture has allowed us to double up on cards and use our RFID access card as well as cash with no problem.


When it comes to iPhone cases, the Otterbox Strada can be quite heavy. It is actually smaller than the Otterbox Commuter. The extra bulk means that your iPhone will be protected against accidental drops.

The Otterbox Strada’s standout features are the leather used on the case, and the magnetic latch. We would consider the Otterbox Strada one of the best cases on this list. Although there are many faux-leather options, we believe the Otterbox Strada may actually be made of real leather. It is supposed to improve with age.


Innovation Vault is a wallet for the on-the-go that is thicker than your average wallet. The wallet section of the case has a piece that pushes cards to the top of your card area. This clever feature makes it easy to find every card. Even if you only have one.

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Bellroy iphone 8 cardholder cases

The Bellroy iphone 8 cardholder cases has a section that can hold a spare SIM card and the tool to remove sim cards. This is a useful feature for those who have multiple phones.

The Danny P wallet is more like a wallet than a case. Although it has limited access to your iPhone, it is very easy to take out and use. We have never seen a better leather case.




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